Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Story

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Kajja Kajja Read my story~
For those who can't read a fantasy story
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Like seriously =..='' lol 

There it goes x)

Today is Saturday and as usual, i will follow my parents to go to market, surveying and buying stuff  for house needed. After having a shower, my mom scream from downstairs asking me to show my oldest brother where is his Baju Melayu at.

Owh, His workshop held an event for the workers. Ow ow~ before that, let me introduce you all about my oldest brother. He is 24 years old (2013) and he is working at the special child protection workshop. Yeah, he is special~ When he was 3 years old, my mom realised there is something wrong with my brother, he changed....He didn't acted like the real 3 years old boy...

He loves to be alone and playing with the toy car wheels.....and and and AND VERY HYPERACTIVE!!!! when my parents sent him to the hospital, at that time,they wanted to inject my big bro a calm injection..well you know... 6 people was holding him to just get an injection!!! and and AND...HE BROKE THE NEEDLE!!!! OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! He is really...WOW! HOw can he did that?? Like a metal guy, or SUperman! lmao xD then in the end, the doctor suggest to give him pills so they could make a check up on him... lol i donno, so, the one who could control my oldest bro is MY DAD. My Dad asked him to eat the pills and drink some water. Then, THE END,, no more problem with it.. HAHAHA so, the final result is, there is a Chinese veteran doctor said, he suffered from an Autism. Let me Google the meaning of the Autism.

"Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills." 

At that moment, an Autism problem is a very rare case to known in the hospital and among the doctors... So its really late for my brother to have his treatment. as for now, my parents and another 5 siblings including me will take care of him. My Mom ever mention this to me, after they(my parents) 'left' this world, who would take care of him? on the same time, i was thinking what will happen in the future... 

From that moment, i wanted to make myself to be a successful person and be rich, so i could taking care of my brother. Full fill his needs, and treat him well~ That is one of my dream~ but what if i left first before him? Will my other siblings take care of him? All of it, i left the fate to the Almighty, ALLAH.

Hemmm....Until now my oldest brother could not talk properly, can't focus on an object, and his behaviour is just like 3 years old kid. :'I LOL when i was a lil kid, i doesn't understand at all why my brother acted like that, but as time passed by and i had grown up, I could understand it very well~ My family can read on what he want, what he needs, and what he dislike... Well, when he dislike something, he'll start to rebel!!! Dx'' I was so scared at first, but now i didn't coz i know what he don't like. 

.....After ready to go to market, my dad send him first at his workshop and asked the trusted teacher to help us take care of him while my parents away~ In my mind, i still remember the image when my big bro went off from the car and start to running into the workshop. LOL It brings a tears to my eyes. Poor my brother~ Poor him... I holding back my tears, I won't let my mom and dad notice it and plus, it will ruined my eyeliner... hehee it just an another excuse. 

Oh well! my father drive us to an under tree restaurant. It was a very famous restaurant in the neighbourhood. We have breakfast and i paid ;) LOL I am happy that i paid for the breakfast by using my own money. The money that i earned from the volunteer job. Mwaahahaa!! erhem... okay okay, it starting to get bored huh?? xDDD i know, i am bored too xDD 

let me make a short cut in here, 

(inside the market) 

while me and my mom walking at the fruit section, suddenly i remembered an image about someone.... -giggles- Its KJM oppa... I remembered the picture of him at the fruit section in supermarket. He was holding a packet of green apples. LOL I smiled like a child when remembering it. ahahahaaaa Again, I miss him :P ahaksss 
Like a habit, i take off my phone from my pocket and look at the screen. His picture is there. :3 I smiled and keep the phone back in the pocket. I'll be dead if my mom saw it(my behave) xD


after 3 hours shopping this and that, we went back to my bro's workshop to pick him up. The event just end. We need to pick him up hurry coz he hates sitting in the crowd.. :3 poor my bro~ As soon he saw me, he run off from his place to get in my dad's blue unser car. I hold his hand to guide him to my dad's car,,(or else i'll be scold by my dad) -gulp- hahahaa


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