Tuesday, 17 September 2013

O-N-O (S.B.R. Special Addition)

O-N-O??? what is that?? haaa~ Jeng jeng jeng~ suspend tak?? :PP

you wanna know the meaning of O-N-O?
Lets hear some of my story in here~ LOL i know its gonna be bored ._.v
so i warned to those who dislike to read fantasy story, you may leave....GO GO GO!! xDD
lol mian2~ :3 i was just 'JOKING' :P -bow-

Anyway~ Lets just start the story now,,

These passed few months~ many things had happen~
about my love story? Its... nah~ it is correct! x'D lol
I just wanna tell something that makes me think on the TITTLE above~

Its mean, One aNd Only~ 
O-N-O (sounds like OH No!) lol
One - aNd - Only 
The first person who ever stay longer and seriously and i have loved him passionately! in my life~ lol Its KJM :3

HUUUWAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!!!!! i mention his name again!!! >///< lmao
Even though he just my passed, but i still keeping him inside my heart~ 
It is true that I made my mind to let him go~ Just a plenty of people could understand why~ though its hurt much 100x more than i love him!! >< really!! but i endure it every night, every day~ my chest hurt every time i wanna sleep at night,,coz i keep thinking of him~ :'') 
-sigh- i wish i could keep him longer with me, but the longer i keep him, the harder the situation~ 
with his luxurious life and my simple life~ we are just like the sky and the ocean! (can that count?) hahaa :')

i know, some of the people may think that if you still love each other, why you have to separate?  If you need each other, why you have to be apart? 
well~ what i believe is, if he was meant to be with me, i wont feel regret if he is coming back to me again~
i wont let him go if he come back to me again~ 

hemm..coz of ego, we separate too~ thats...too bad.... I am coward, and stupid too -3- 
i admit that -face palm- aish~ that person, he already left long time ago(?), but why i am still feeling that he is still right beside me? maybe it is just my feelings?? -look down- yeah~~ can say that i regret a bit with my action~ :I regretting for letting him go~ coz i only know him in my life~ i just couldn't accept other guy!!!

so i planned, to live with his love until  the day my mom and dad wanna let me go to other guy.... -cry- 
aish! why am i writing that sad words? :'p mian reader! anyway~ i think i am breathing with the love that he ever gave to me~ It is too many until i can live today! i can feel his deep love for me, but bleh~ i hurt him! 
bad girl!! heheh :'p 

Ha! i wanna share something~ The day when he gonna have his last(50-50) surgery, i think it is a week before his 25th birthday(K-age), 110213, i ever wish before, to God, Take away half of my life to give it to him. So, i could live and die together with him. LOL isn't that scary to hear?? heheh but i just couldn't resist it, perhaps God did heard about my prayers? until now the O-N-O person still alive and healthy! ^^ i am so thankful and grateful!!!! he could proceed on his normal life now~ Don't you feel something bad? I was his gf, and he even called me his wifey :3 (lol i still like it just by writing this :P) ehem! but i just couldn't do anything for him along his surgery period.... I couldn't visits him, cooks him, or maybe be there with him... No money, no power, i am just useless and helpless~ 
what else i could do is just praying~ is it enough? hemm..... i didnt regret giving him half of my life coz i love him~ he said, he don't care buying gifts for his gf coz he loves 'her', while me? giving half of my life? wow~ 
Eventhough, i am still young to die~ Long live Me :3 lololololol 

well~ actually, i have a lot of things to share~ but maybe i will continued soon~
now the clock is 2:48 am~ the time that i always meet him~ but, now not anymore~ He is not mine anymore~ -sigh- appo jinjja :P 

Secret Word for today -----> (Butter-Honey F.R.)
thats all?? naah~ to be continued


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