Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Only Way for Me

A week ago was very crazy and everyone is REALLY CRAZY including me -_-''
Again, i felt like having a fever now -,.-'' Why am I being so weak when i almost 19?? duuuuhh~
Luckily my fever not too HOT :3 yeeww~

Cute Huh?? Yoo Baeki <3 I am falling for you now~ x') 



Dear my beloved friends, 

I guess i'm gonna stop doing anything now~ Stop on what??? EVERYTHING~ LOL 
I've been killing my own self this lately by doing on something that i hate the most! x') 
Poor myself!! Yeah, thats right, people around me see me as a GOOD PERSON coz I learnt from my mother to be patient, respect the others, be nice and friendly, smile like you will never ever see them again,,and so, don't just judge other people if you didnt know the truth behind it. 

I learnt from my father to be independent, don't shade your tears easily, discipline!, on everything you do need a perfection, thinking smartly, don't be too cheap and perfection perfection!!! Gaaaahh~ This is killing me -_-'' but i understand why my dad and my mum teach me and my siblings all that, because the world is getting colder~!! The world is getting colder because people make it be like that~ Chang! naega Keutnasseo! 

what actually i want to say that, i am a bad girl who is behind a good girl mask. I want to leave all of you but i am just stupid, it will never last for an hour xD so, i wont leave ya~ :PPP 


As for now, i don't know what should i do~ i only could help to calm people down and give a positive thinking on them~ Well its good, coz sometimes my positive thinking is leading to solution~ That is my ability i guess ;)

##On my bad side says "I should leave FAM right away, coz i am not needed anymore :)" 
##On my good side says "How can I leave them??? after all we've been through~" well -_-'' its all BITTER.. Sad Sad love story, and a happy-go-lucky PABO TEAM~ Hahaaa~ Memories will just left as memories~ 
My brain, it full of song lyrics, Mathematics Formulae and Memories~ All 3 in once~ Bad brain xD i only Got three of them in it~ Pabo me :P 

Naah~ I guess i need to STOP doing anything now~ While i am nothing at all~ 

-rolling and jump on bed and rolling again and cover with blanket and sleep- 

Owh owh before that, *close the lamp* sleep tight people <3 


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